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Nicole Brobeck

Intern & Web Designer

You may know her work as the Host at Trivia Nights, but Nicole can also be credited with
contributions to the State Council on Developmental Disabilities’ Regional Advisory Committee,
the Mission Valley Library Children’s Department, and Disney Trivia. Nicole has served as a
committee member for the Regional Advisory Committee for the past four year. She joined with
the hopes of expanding her network – and met Jacqueline Riddell. She is motivated by sharing
her communities’ needs to invoke change for the good. In the summer of 2014, Nicole began
serving the young library patrons and their guardians at the Mission Valley Library. Nicole has
cohosted Disney Trivia online with adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities since
2020. In 2011, Nicole published The Path of Friendship. She holds an Associate’s degree in
Child Development from Mesa College and currently resides in Central San Diego with her
mother and two goldendoodles named Bailey and Paris.

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Nicole Brobeck
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